HACK-A-DAY extra

ShmooCon starts in two days and? uh? I’m sure I’ll be caught up with work by then. (UPDATE: [Tom] has an interview with Bruce and Beetle from the ShmooGroup) On a more important note: Yehoshua’s borg seems to have gotten lost on its way home from a new Year’s party and our Folding team has taken a hit. We’ve got sitemeter stats now in case you’ve ever wondered. It has only been active for two days, so the math is a little off.

more links after the jump (you should grab a beverage).

Instead of getting my work back on track, I’ve been
making motivational posters using
Motivator. [přes

If you frequent mini-itx.com you’ve seen a lot of motherboards stuffed into
model automobile chassis. A company is now selling Compucars
commercially. [via TRFJ]

Linux distribution chooser, I tested positive for Gentoo after
answering “yes” to “Do you hate your free time?” [přes
Download Squad]

DVDJon has already parked DeAACS.com in preparation for the
new, sure to be bothersome technology.

BoingBoing has a really interesting
thread/request about bone conduction

How to program a bootloader

Palm T|X hacks: making a voice recorder and
adding a vibration alarm

Converting an optical mouse to IR [brad]

[Rlanctot]’s guide for building a
cord organizer

[snorkle256] upgraded his m:robe using [matt defenthaler]’s guide.
Then he was able to load it up using Adrian Stutz’s m:robe loader.

If you thought the original PSP hotswap trick was silly,
you haven’t seen this Xbox 360 video.

You could laugh at [Tom Allred]’s cordless phone mod
too, but he says the reception is great.

[Giantkillerrobot] got some mini Cooper slot automobiles for Christmas and has
started adding some non-factory

[401] added the Hack-A-Day logo to his flash drive. [Derwin]
had it on his OLED Network Walkman, but his site seems to be down.

Older iMacs have an IDE controller, but use SCSI connectors for the CDROM drive.
[Abbie Gonzalez] came up against this when installing 10.3, but
it didn’t prove much trouble.

free up hotel bandwidth, It isn’t that nice, but some of us have to get work done.

[Oliver Wittwer]’s
quick fix for bad remote buttons

Michael Naimark’s guide to blinding cameras [David]

It may be patched now, but IronGeek’s guide to the
WMF vulnrability is still interesting. [Steve]

Modding Aussie pay-tv antennas for WiFi [masked]

Nintendo DS homebrew development tutorials

Hombrew for JAMMA arcade cabinets [Caveman Joe]

[miknix] added an external
antenna adapter to his PCMCIA wireless card. It’s in Portuguese but the pictures are decent.

[epooch] has been playing around with external
character displays and found out that
switch plates make really
good housings.

experience with initng, the next
generation init system for Linux.

[Stefano Palazzo]’s LEGO iPod nano dock

[derJan] has been abusing the
German McDonald’s kids play pcs.

[Frogz] sent in this overclocking guide
with a joke about drilling holes in your skull to increase oxygen flow. Myslíš

Use a floppy stepper motor to pan your webcam.
[Michael Wagner]

The LDBD has been experimenting with paintballs and high speed
fotografování. They got the instructions from MAKE.

I’m sure you’ve seen [jared]’s vibrating
lockpick by now, it was everywhere today (at least in my inbox).

I’ve completely lost track of the PSP scene, I guess
Tetris on 2.50 is new, wait,
no, they just broke 2.60.

[thoughtfix] has picked up a Nokia 770 and is blogging the

[pillowcase] continues to repurpose old tech as wall art. His latest
is the emate clock.

Android world looks creepy despite its technicolor. [Richard Johnson]

[Tod E. Kurt] cleaned of the color wheel and sensor in his DLP projector and
thought we would like to see the internals.

Computer generated holograms [DogHouse]

Thank you for all of the tips.